Enterprise Wi-Fi and switching solutions that simply just work – scaling from small offices to the highest density venues, application-aware to match the needs of your business, and simple to deploy and operate via a cloud-based system – all delivered at a disruptively low total cost of ownership

Management and Services

Simple yet sophisticated platform and tools to plan, deploy and manage your network. Cloud first architecture that is easy to operate. Licensing appropriate for any sized business small to large.

  • Right-sized for any use case from 1 to 100K+ devices
  • Zero touch provisioning & maintenance
  • Policy based access with Azure/G-suite integration

Wi-Fi Access Points

Enterprise Wi-Fi access points and service provider routers right-sized for any organization. ‘Wire-like’ performance with powerful edge services secure the network and enhance the user experience.

  • High density architecture lowers total cost of ownership
  • Integrated controller simplifies deployment & architecture
  • Edge compute with integrated location services (no separate appliance)

Ethernet Switches

Next-generation switching platform offers a cloud-managed, high-performance, enterprise-grade Ethernet switching solution. Advanced automation capabilities streamline operations.

  • Zero touch deployments with Policy Based Automation
  • Enhanced Security with automated device profiling and segmentation
  • Non-blocking, line-rate architecture with fully featured L2/L3 switching

Application partners for Cambium/Xirrus Enterprise Wi-Fi

Digitize public spaces, simplify edge applications, get insights from location analytics, deliver guest experiences & more…

An intelligence and engagement platform created over cloud-managed wireless and sensor networks, enabling data-driven strategic decision making, improving operational efficiency, and providing business insights

Technology that simplifies the complexity of network optimization, delivering critical subscriber access and policy-control functions across endpoints, hotspots, and carrier access networks

Edge network head-end purpose-built for service providers to maximize revenue, minimize cost, and easily scale, integrating with property management systems for delivering dynamic ad placement in customer web browsers

An integrated solution designed for growth allowing service providers to maintain control over the usage of the hotspot while deploying a cost-effective, scalable network; offers a marketing walled garden with prepaid vouchers and on-the-spot mobile payment

A modern service providing public hotspots, which allows your customers a free, safe, and straightforward way of connecting to WiFi via various social login methods; offers marketing analytics on network users for targeted promotional strategies

An AI-driven application suite for location services, helping enterprises across multiple industries to better understand and engage customers while leveraging your existing guest WiFi

Purposeful technology empowering educators to inspire their students; designed for educators, one simple and customizable platform helps guide classroom learning, promote collaboration, and make the most of class time

All-in-one appliance that manage hotspot networks simply and effectively with an innovative radius system for customer authentication based on SMS or social networks, freeing administrators from manual account registration; provides prepaid voucher in association with PayPal

Single integrated, customizable platform to manage and monetize WiFi internet access and for marketing automation in hotels/accommodations; offers management of access policies, optimization of use of internet bandwidth, and network security for you and guests

A service that allows you to know/track who is using your internet; offers the ability to identify actual users at any time; authentication via email, SMS, social logins, loyalty cards, PMS, and voucher codes

Latest-generation hotspot platform for WiFi networks, allowing service managers to offer innovative services by using and enhancing the infrastructure and WiFi connectivity; designed to advance customer journeys and support marketing campaigns, lead generation, loyalty, and user experience

Powerful platforms that enhance WiFi networks, providing revenue opportunities through analytics, guest intelligence, and marketing automation/advertising; engage with guests, promote your brand, deliver

A comprehensive platform offering tools needed to achieve business goals; engage with customers and profile them; business analytics help you to obtain important KPIs and deliver targeted marketing and advertising campaigns to customers

Enterprise WiFi, analytics, engagement, and navigation solutions for physical spaces; free, fast, secure WiFi for guest; WiFi analytics; engagement/marketing activity; wayfinding; and brand management with free integrations

A cloud-based AWS platform offering rich, dynamic interaction leveraging ML and real-time data to deliver the most relevant content to clients; nurture customer loyalty and operationalize decision-making processes

Value-added end-to-end solutions, providing consultation, UI/UX design, development, hosting and support in an integrated solution for customers; offers web and CMS, mobile app, WiFi and indoor location, and mobile messaging

Innovative business solutions leveraging S/4HANA to simplify operations and reduce costs; explore C/4HANA to drive omnichannel, personalized experiences; enable operations with IT support services

A flexible WiFi solution portfolio, making management and operation of WiFi smart and simple; offers software and services for the management of WiFi networks, virtualization of WiFi routers, and facilitation of connection to WiFi networks

A single, centralized, user-friendly platform for MSPs; sell, activate, and support your SMB managed services with a seamless customer experience; offers custom user journeys, flexible licensing, per-user data, simplified interface, and more

Flexible central authentication options to serve customers with internet connectivity and other services through a single platform; create value for customers, offer a single app for services, access cloud-hosted AAA platform, extract user data, and more

An integrated BSS suite enabling rapid launch of new revenue services across many types of enterprises without countless hours of integration; deliver SD-WAN, vCPE, and managed services using a range of routers, SDN, and NFV solutions

A cloud-based authentication platform that helps you improve the security of your network and enhance the guest experience; flexible support for social networks, SAML, billing, vouchers, SMS, G suite, Azure/O365, Rest API, and more

Comprehensive ISP management solutions to help manage and monitor all aspects of business operations with flexible end-to-end SaaS and on-premise solutions; supports lead management to provisioning, subscriber life-cycle management, policy enforcement, billing, mobile apps, and more

A locally run solution that helps you see and manage all devices, with easy set-up, providing visibility and control of devices connected to home networks; offers parental controls, bandwidth monitoring, mobile protection, speed testing, and more

Email security, DNS filtering, and email archiving solutions for business and MSPs; provides protection from malware, email phishing, spoofing, and malicious websites; offers DNS filter, email anti-spam and security, and email archiving

Bandwidth management software solutions for service providers, offering advanced AAA RADIUS server; internet billing system for prepaid-postpaid billing, rating, and charging; franchisee and subscriber management for new operators and existing ISPs

A customizable solution for communicating with customers and employees; display targeted promotions, products, and services over your company’s WiFi; improve customer loyalty, create polls, personalize offers, and more

An integrated OSS, BSS cloud-computing solution provider for ISPs, providing flexible options for convergent billing, provisioning customer care, policy control, and payment solutions that help lower the total cost of ownership

A suite of WiFi tools for quickly designing, optimizing, and trouble-shooting WiFi networks, minimizing network deployment time and ensuring sufficient wireless coverage across all industries, project sizes, building infrastructures, and levels of complexity

Powerful software solution for designing WiFi and cellular networks; helps you design and deploy a wireless network your customers, employees, and business can depend on

Digital experience management solutions to see exactly what users see on their screen, regardless app or device being used; boost customer satisfaction and workforce productivity; shorten release cycles; improve app quality; and positively impact your bottom line

Location data solutions for deeper understanding of customer behavior, helping you improve brand engagement and loyalty and increase customer engagement with seamless internet access, on-the-go global WiFi vouchers, and more

Transformative solution for configuring, managing, and supporting devices at every endpoint; increase productivity with seamless access to apps; allow BYOD without sacrificing security; safeguard company data at every layer

802 Secure provides Wireless Security as a Service with the ability to detect, assess and prevent risks from IT, IoT, IIoT and OT technologies.

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