Extend Broadband Wireless For Residential WLAN

The r195 series provides robust Wi-Fi performance to match and exceed the expectations of the modern family anywhere on the globe. As social media, streaming media, work-from-home and
school-from-home increase, the need for high-performance Wi-Fi is here today. Don’t be trapped by old 802.11n technology.

Part of the Cambium Networks Wireless Fabric

Service providers that leverage the power of cnMaestro to manage a broadband network will be able to integrate the r195
into the wireless fabric. Through cnMaestro web-first interface the r195 features zero-touch configuration, stateful alarms & dashboard KPIs, and device health & inventory reports.

cnPilot r195P Wi-Fi Router



IP Signaling
SIP V2 (RFC3261/3262/3263/3264)
G.711 (A-law, μ-law), G.722,G.723, G.729
FAX over IP
Real Time FAX over IP via T.38 T.30 Fax with G.711
Voice Features
Adaptive jitter buffer management
Voice activity detection
Comfort noise generation
Echo cancellation
Interactive voice response


64 clients, 8 SSIDs
Management Features
Firmware Upgrade, Web Management Interface, Local and Remote Syslog (RFC3164), Auto Provisioning, Time Synchronization, Multi User Level
Authentication SSID Security
WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES), Open, Mixed mode
Subscriber QoS
WMM, DSCP, 802.1p
DMZ, Rate Limiting, Passthrough, Firewall (SYN Flooding, IP Spoofing, Smurf Attack, Ping of Death, DoS)
Local and Remote Syslog (RFC3164)
Auto Provisioning
SNTP Time Synchronization
Multi User Level SNMP v2
Telnet • TR069
System Log: local log and remote log

cnPilot r195P Wi-Fi Router


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