Utilities & Electric Cooperatives

Improve efficiency and expand revenue by deploying reliable connectivity.

Two wind turbine technicians utilizing a laptop in the field.

With multi-gigabit-speed connectivity and low latency, Cambium Networks’ portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions enable you to offer broadband services to your existing utility customers.

Our IP-based communication protocols serve multiple use cases—including streaming video, voice, data, SCADA meter and controls—and reduce costs as compared with leased lines or cellular services.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Network design software makes it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Centrally monitor and manage the entire wireless network via the cloud


  • Connect individual remote locations—and add capacity as needed to grow the network and add services
  • Leverage a lean IT team to manage the entire network as it expands


  • Deploy utility communications without incurring the cost of trenching fiber or leased lines
  • Add new revenue streams by offering broadband services to existing customers

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See how electric cooperatives can benefit from deploying fixed wireless solutions.

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