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The strength of your operation is measured by efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness—and Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi access, wireless fiber WAN, and centralized cloud management enables a secure and affordable private network for warehouses, ports, rail yards and truck terminals.

Our system integrator specialists design solutions that give you total control over your wireless network for transportation and logistics — delivering gigabit speeds and low latency across multiple applications.

Warehouse and Logistics Connectivity Solutions

Warehouse and logistics operations need to provide a safe working environment. They also need to provide security to minimize theft and shrinkage. Broadband connectivity solutions from Cambium Networks provide reliable and efficient communications infrastructure for video surveillance, IoT sensors and controls, and automated vehicles. Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, switching, and multi-gigabit fixed wireless technology with centralized cloud management make it easy to deploy connectivity without disrupting operations.

Take Control of Your Network

Manage the network, not the elements. Deliver top-notch online experiences with a minimum of IT resources. Find out how our comprehensive portfolio of wired, wireless, security and SD-WAN solutions enable you to focus on the business and applications rather than individual network elements.

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Why Cambium Networks?

Simple | Network design software makes it easy to plan coverage and capacity.

Swift | Rapidly deploy connectivity in days or weeks—at a fraction of the cost to trench fiber.

Scalable | Utilize one network to handle all your video, voice, data and IoT monitoring/control needs—and expand to serve multiple facilities as business grows.

Efficient | Leverage a lean IT team to manage communications for multiple locations and experience a low total cost of ownership.

Warehouse and Logistics Wi-Fi Made Easy

Improve warehouse, transportation staging and rail yard efficiency and safety with reliable and affordable wireless connectivity that is easy to manage.

Don't just take our word for it...

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Our ability to guarantee connectivity with one combined solution is the real differentiator. Without the managed, stable and reliable infrastructure that Rapid Deploy provides, operations would be severely handicapped—and our solutions help relieve the port congestion issues we all experience.

– Greg Dunnell, Principal, Buckeye Mountain (a Cambium Networks integrator partner)