Wireless Video Surveillance CCTV

Put the cameras where you need them—and connect them the way you need to.

When it comes to video surveillance, a reliable connection is paramount. Cambium Networks’ wireless solutions are purpose-built to support this critical infrastructure—and deliver high throughput, low latency, lower power consumption and ease of installation.

Our cost-effective fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technologies are tailor-made to support multiple use cases, including: campus security, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), traffic monitoring and public safety.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Network design software makes it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Easily integrate with your existing video management system (VMS)


  • Grow your surveillance network—start with one remote camera, and expand all the way up to city-wide coverage
  • Quickly deploy cameras exactly where they are needed—not just where fiber is available


  • Centralized monitoring and management enable you to control the entire network via the cloud
  • Deploy infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber or cable

Featured Video

cnWave 60 GHz makes it easy to build CCTV infrastructure.

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