Fixed Wireless Broadband

Connect more people—for less.

Business and residential users—across urban, suburban and rural locations—need reliable, secure and cost-effective connectivity. Our flexible and scalable solutions meet the needs of your users and your business, allowing you to deploy wireless technology fast—without the time and cost of trenching fiber.

Proven in more than 10K networks around the world, our comprehensive portfolio has you covered from long-haul to last-mile to Wi-Fi—and cloud management makes it easy to monitor network performance from anywhere. So whether you’re supporting a dozen devices in a home—or hundreds of workstations in a business—you can design and deploy a connectivity solution that will satisfy the most demanding network users.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Planning tools empower you to optimize network performance
  • Centrally manage the entire network


  • Grow the network to cover thousands of users in large areas
  • Effectively extend coverage to rural and remote locations


  • Deploy connectivity at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fiber
  • Demonstrated low total cost of ownership

Featured Video

Learn how Pentanet is building neXus—a multi-gigabit, fixed-wireless network across the Perth, Australia metro area—to provide internet access for business and residential subscribers.

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