Residential Broadband

When it comes to delivering exceptional connectivity, we’re right at home.

Your residential customers have some lofty demands—maintain connection for all devices, deliver great video streaming performance and keep the cost down. With Cambium Networks, you can do all that—and more.

Known for exceptional reliability, we have shipped more than ten million fixed wireless modules to support thousands of residential broadband networks around the world. This technology has been proven dependable and efficient—especially in rural and developing markets—in supporting a growing number of user devices. With multi-gigabit speeds and low latency, you can deliver the connectivity your customers demand—all while minimizing maintenance and keeping costs low.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Easily customize your network needs with our compete portfolio of wireless solutions
  • Software tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity


  • Add connectivity to a single neighborhood—or deliver multi-state coverage for more than 100,000 customers
  • Support various applications on one IP-based wireless network—including voice, data and streaming video


  • Centrally manage the entire wireless network via the cloud
  • Minimize cost of ownership while maximizing customer satisfaction

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See how Pentanet connects business and residential customers in Perth, Australia.

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