Broadband service providers need to provide high throughput internet last-mile access to business and home subscribers in urban, suburban and rural environments. Operators need the ability to cost-effectively deploy point-to-point (PTP) point-to-multipoint (PtMP) fixed wireless access (FWA) networks using 5G, millimeter-wave (mmWave), licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Cambium Networks offers purpose-built point-to-multipoint broadband access solutions using 5G Fixed, PMP 450 (CBRS and unlicensed), ePMP, cnRanger LTE and cnWave millimeter-wave technologies. Network operators can mix and match these technologies to efficiently bridge the digital divide or enable business digital transformation and manage them as ONE Network with a single cloud management system.

FWA Applications:

  • Home broadband
  • Business broadband
  • IOT fixed wireless connectivity
  • Municipal public Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Video security

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Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Fixed Wireless (FWA) Broadband Access Solutions

PMP 450

The PMP 450 platform has proven to be the most scalable and highest capacity multipoint platform on the market.


The ePMP™ platform has set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability at a compelling price.


The cnRanger™ Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage.


cnWave™ multi-gigabit fixed wireless in 60 GHz or 28 GHz provides fiber speeds without the time and cost associated with trenching.

cnMatrix TX

Next-gen switching platform offers a cloud-managed, high-performance, enterprise-grade Ethernet switching solution.

Understand how to plan, monitor, and manage an FWA network in the cnMaestro cloud management system.

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Application Partners for Fixed Wireless Broadband

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