About is a feature-rich billing and automation platform for ISPs’ that want to grow their subscriber base, streamline workflows and optimize their operations. Along with its gold-standard support practices, offers a long list of automation features that have many fans in the ISP world.

Applications & Benefits

  • Automate:
    • Invoice creation and delivery
    • Email & SMS delivery
    • Payment processing
    • Subscriber status notifications
    • Suspension and reactivation
  • Subscriber self-management portal
  • Full feature Hotspot management  

“I use both billing and Cambium’s cnHeat. Visp has been a HUGE help every step of the way. From getting our network setup to troubleshooting problems both small and large. And, it’s better on my wallet because that’s all included in the service. I’m not being “nickel and dimed” for everything. We’re happy with Cambium’s cnHeat – it’s easy-to-use, so cut and dry that all you need to do is show up, install and leave.”

Adam Plett – Ionia Unlimited