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Top-grade wireless solutions across your entire campus.

As the number of wireless devices per student grows, demand for wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding. Flexible learning, online testing and video collaboration with media-rich content requires utility-grade Wi-Fi—delivering stable, reliable and affordable performance.

Every day, Cambium Networks connects more than two million students and teachers around the world with unparalleled integrated Wi-Fi access and wireless fiber campus backhaul. These purpose-built technologies uniquely address density, scale and security while delivering a best-in-class experience—ensuring that learning can proceed uninterrupted.

Why Cambium Networks?

Deploy highly-scalable solutions to support growing density and capacity needs.

Ease operational and IT workloads with simple onboarding of users and IoT devices.

Decrease cost of ownership with less equipment and reduced complexity.

Blanket the entire campus with integrated Wi-Fi access and fixed wireless fiber backhaul to connect users and IoT sensors, controls and cameras.

Don't just take our word for it...

Cambium [Wi-Fi APs] provide the scalability, the distributed architecture, the ability to upgrade and most importantly the performance that delights our students and faculty.

– Timothy Carlyle, Director of Network Computing and Senior UNIX Administrator, Northwest Missouri University

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