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Extend Your Fiber Now

Say ‘yes’ to more requests for faster broadband service

Fiber-like speed and reliability can now be deployed in a matter of weeks using the latest fixed wireless technology with hybrid networks. Respond to your customer broadband demands without waiting for fiber.

That was then, this is now

Fiber-like ultra-low latency with fixed wireless broadband is here now.  Extend a fiber GPON network using the simple integration of 60 GHz cnWave with Terragraph technology. Unlike older solutions, this mesh architecture maintains high capacity and low latency over multiple hops to create hybrid networks.      

View this webinar on cnWave distributed mesh.

Now you can profitably offer faster service at a lower price

Demand for 100 Mbps aggregate service is growing while competitive pressures are driving down ARPU. Hybrid networks with multi-gigabit wireless broadband are the latest addition to the wireline operator’s toolbox. 

  • Close fiber gaps in weeks (not months/years)
  • Reduce the cost per address passed
  • Reach new addresses where fiber is not economical

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If it can be Wireless, it will be Wireless.

Gigbabit broadband now, fiber later

  • Struggling to fund your fiber rollout? 
  • Waiting for fiber to arrive?
  • Falling behind on your broadband grant commitments?

Fiber extensions with gigabit wireless broadband free up capital for fiber rollouts in the highest priority areas. You can always lay fiber when it makes sense and redeploy wireless to a new area.

Try it for yourself today with a 60 GHz cnWave Starter Kit.

Is gigabit wireless broadband right for you?

Learn what’s involved in planning a 60 GHz cnWave network by viewing this webinar.

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