cnHeat Locate generates highly accurate RF heat maps that predict RF coverage. This allows for quick and accurate end customer pre-qualification.


cnHeat Identify uses cnHeat Locate heat maps to identify the addresses and locations (i.e. latitude and longitude) of buildings that have RF coverage.  This allows these buildings to be target marketed.


cnHeat Optimize enables a service provider to optimally place a Greenfield site(s) to cover desired subscriber modules (SMs).

cnHeat Locate generates highly accurate RF heat maps that predict RF coverage.  Both 3 GHz and 5 GHz sites support LOS predictions and now 3 GHz sites support nLOS / NLOS predictions.  3 GHz nLOS / NLOS predictions are made possible through a best in class propagation model created by Cambium Networks.  A cnHeat site prediction is actually a composite of trillions of calculations that provide the 3D reality of a site’s RF environment.

cnHeat Locate determines whether service can be extended to a customer based on the address or latitude and longitude of the requested service site. If the location cannot be reached, an unnecessary truck roll is prevented, saving time and cost.

The accuracy of the heat maps generated by cnHeat saves time and labor costs on successful customer installs, too. Because an optimal installation location of latitude, longitude, and height is identified in advance for a customer, the installer can simply place the equipment immediately at the predetermined location and then verify the predicted coverage.

Since optimal installation locations are chosen using Locate, throughput to the SM is maximized.  This results in throughput to the AP and the entire sector being maximized, too.

cnHeat Locate is easy and intuitive to use even for untrained customer service representatives.  Customers calling in and requesting service can be told quickly if service is possible and expectations can be set as to the type of installation that will be required.

cnHeat Locate also generates net new customers.  Quickly go through your failed installation list prior to using cnHeat Locate and find those good installation spots missed previously. To get started with cnHeat Locate, download the cnHeat Locate template and follow the submission instructions in the Experience cnHeat – Request Service  section.

cnHeat indicates coverage for the home can be realized at the specific spot in the back yard at a height of 24’.

cnHeat Identify identifies the buildings in a cnHeat site where RF coverage can be realized at or better than a desired RSSI level. For each building identified, the following information is provided: latitude, longitude and street address.  Address and building information can be used to find new customers via targeted marketing. In addition to the revenue generated from new customers, cnHeat Identify provides cost savings against blanket marketing by not marketing to customers that cannot be served. 

Street addresses can be provided either directly to the service provider or to an industry leading third-party marketing firm.  Marketing using the addresses can only be done by the party (that is the service provider or the third-party marketing firm) that received the addresses and the addresses may not be provided to any other entity.

cnHeat Identify is specific to the United States.

To get started with cnHeat Identify, download the cnHeat Identify template and follow the submission instructions in the Experience cnHeat – Request Service section.

cnHeat Identify displays the only home that can receive service is the home in the center. Marketing occurs only to this home; saving money on marketing costs as opposed to using blanket marketing.

cnHeat Optimize optimizes Greenfield site placement based on customer locations that need coverage.  Optimized Greenfield site placement saves money on site construction costs such as minimizing site heights and increasing site revenue by making sure the greatest number of customers can be covered by the site(s).  Two tools are used in cnHeat Optimize.  Site Finder and Verify Coverage.

Site Finder finds the best AP site locations to cover up to 30,000 critical SM locations.

  Site Finder takes as input:

  • SM locations (i.e. latitude, longitude, and height) to be covered
  • Height for the AP site
  • Area of interest for the site
    • Center point to start search
    • Search radius

The resulting output is a heat map where % SM coverage is shown at every square meter in the area of interest.

cnHeat Optimize Site Finder input; SM locations, AP site height, and an Area of Interest for AP site (i.e. center point of search and radius of search)
cnHeat Optimize Site Finder output; % SM Coverage shown (red areas have best SM coverage)

Experience cnHeat – Request Service

To experience cnHeat on your sites is a simple process.

  • Simply download the cnHeat site information template and associated instructions via the “Download Template” button and fill out all fields requested.
  • Then upload the completed site information template or equivalent LINKPlanner project file via the “Choose File” button, fill out the customer identification fields, and select the “Submit” button.

Cambium Networks will read your site information and reach out to you providing you the appropriate cnHeat part numbers to order from a Cambium Networks reseller.

Shortly after your order is placed, Cambium Networks will contact you with the information to access your cnHeat site information.

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