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The FCC’s E-Rate Program allows for eligible schools and libraries with funding from the Universal Service Fund to enhance digital learning and stay connected with telecommunications and information services made affordable.  

The E-Rate Program holds two categories for funding. Category 1 Services include Broadband and Internet Access where Category 2 Services cover Wi-Fi Infrastructure needs.  

Learn how to begin and apply with Cambium Networks in our E-Rate Resource Guide.

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Ready to initiate Digital Learning for your community?

Here is how to begin:

*Applicants must first have an Entity Number and an E-Rate Productivity Center Account.

Learn more about the required forms, with the Eligible Services List, E-Rate Central Forms Rack and these Application Tips.

Calculate your Category 2 Funds

C2 Budget is calculated by number of students in a school multiplied by a specific dollar figure. C2 budgets are pre-discount five-year plans based on the number of students in your school.

Here is an example: A high school has 100 full‐time students, 50 part‐time students that attend classes in the morning, and 25 part‐time students that attend classes in the afternoon. The school should report a maximum of 50 part‐time students. This would result in a C2 budget calculation of $22,500, or (100+50) full‐ and part‐time students x $156.23[1]

[1] Source:FY2018 budget amount for schools and school districts. per student.


How can Cambium Networks Help?

Learn more about connect your school with our Wi-Fi 6 and Switching solutions

Cambium Networks provides Internet connectivity solutions for your school or library that are eligible for E-Rate Category 2 funding.

Eligible Products for E-Rate:

Before you file your 470 Form, request a competitive analysis from one of our E-Rate specialist ready to help you now!


Learn best practices to get the technology in the classrooms while leveraging E-Rate programs and minimizing total technology costs.

Learn more on Wi-Fi Network Management and an overview of our solutions for E-Rate.

Connecting Classrooms – Cambium Networks Success Stories

“The education system is moving toward cloud-based collaboration, so to maximize efficiency in the classroom, we knew that a reliable wireless network was imperative.” – Sharon Lunceford, Director of Information Technology, Houston County Board of Education

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