Latest E-rate Updates

The FCC’s Report & Order details how Funding Year 2020 allows USAC time to incorporate the new approach for 2021. Here are the highlights:

  • All Category 2 budgets will be renewed for funding year 2021
  • Beginning in 2021, Category 2 budgets will be fixed for 5 year periods
  • Beginning in 2021, budgets will be based on the entire school district enrollment instead of a per school basis
  • The minimum funding floor was raised to $25,000
  • The budget allocation per student will be $167 for schools and $4.50 per square feet for libraries

Activate Digital Learning

The FCC’s E-rate Program allows for eligible schools and libraries with funding from the Universal Service Fund to enhance digital learning and stay connected with telecommunications and information services affordably.

The E-rate Program holds two categories for funding. Category 1 Services include Broadband and Internet Access, whereas Category 2 Services cover internal networking infrastructure.


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E-rate Application Process

*Applicants must first have an Entity Number and an E-rate Productivity Center Account.

Step 1


Know Entity Number and E-rate Productivity Center Account

Step 2

Competitive Bidding

Submit Form 470 for Bid – 28-Day Wait Time

Step 3

Apply for Discounts

Submit Form 471 – Determine Invoice Method

Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Review

Step 4

Services Start

Confirm to USAC that services have started and report CIPA with Form 486

Submit Form 498 for BEAR payments

Step 5


Reimbursement Requests are made in Form 472 (BEAR)

Receive BEAR Reimbursement

Eligible Products for E-rate

Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points

XMS Cloud Management

cnMaestro Management

cnMatrix Enterprise Switches

Fixed Wireless for connecting buildings

Cambium Networks provides internet connectivity solutions to schools and libraries that are eligible for E-rate Category 1 & 2 funding.

We Strive To Bring Simplicity To E-rate

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Wi-Fi Designer Heat Map Tool

cnMastero Cloud Management

XMS Cloud

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Primary Education Solutions

We offer right-sized network solutions tailored to the requirements of education.

Connecting Classrooms – Cambium Networks Success Stories

“The education system is moving toward cloud-based collaboration, so to maximize efficiency in the classroom, we knew that a reliable wireless network was imperative.”

Sharon Lunceford, Director of Information Technology, Houston County Board of Education

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