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The FCC’s E-rate Program allows for eligible schools and libraries with funding from the Universal Service Fund to enhance digital learning and stay connected with telecommunications and information services affordably.

This program holds two categories for e-rate funding. Category 1 Services include Broadband and Internet Access, whereas Category 2 Services cover internal networking infrastructure.

Cambium Networks provides internet connectivity solutions to schools and libraries that are eligible for either funding category.

E-rate can provide new infrastructure and technology for schools

Latest E-rate Updates

The FCC’s Report & Order details how Funding Year 2020 allows USAC time to incorporate the new approach for 2021. Here are the highlights:

  • All Category 2 budgets will be renewed for funding year 2021
  • Beginning in 2021, Category 2 budgets will be fixed for 5 year periods
  • Beginning in 2021, budgets will be based on the entire school district enrollment instead of a per school basis
  • The minimum funding floor was raised to $25,000
  • The budget allocation per student will be $167 for schools and $4.50 per square feet for libraries

Application Process

Step 1


Applicants must first have an Entity Number and an E-rate Productivity Center Account

Step 2

Competitive Bidding

Submit Form 470 for Bid – 28-Day Wait Time

Step 3

Apply for Discounts

Submit Form 471 – Determine Invoice Method

Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Review

Step 4

Services Start

Confirm to USAC that services have started and report CIPA with Form 486

Submit Form 498 for BEAR payments

Step 5


Reimbursement Requests are made in Form 472 (BEAR)

Receive BEAR Reimbursement

Eligible Products

Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points

XMS Cloud Management

cnMaestro Management

cnMatrix Enterprise Switches

Fixed Wireless for connecting buildings

We Strive To Bring Simplicity To E-rate Program

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cnMastero Cloud Management

XMS Cloud

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Primary Education Solutions

We offer right-sized network solutions tailored to the requirements of education.

Connecting Classrooms – Cambium Networks Success Stories

“The education system is moving toward cloud-based collaboration, so to maximize efficiency in the classroom, we knew that a reliable wireless network was imperative.”

Sharon Lunceford, Director of Information Technology, Houston County Board of Education

Case Studies

Houston County School System started a bring-your-own-device program without e-rate
Skaggs Catholic Center schools prepared for bring-your-own-device without an e-rate program
Wisconsin school district updated their Wi-Fi access system without e-rate funding

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