Cambium Networks Brand Assets

Our Brand

Our brand is who we are as an organization. It conveys our passion for the wireless broadband arena and our commitment to quality and customer service. We have one brand mark which may be used in a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Official logos are available for download below.

Please do not:

  • Modify or alter our logos or icons in any way
  • Use our logos or icons that may indicate endorsement without permission.
  • Use our logo or icons as your own identity or branding
  • Use the icon/bug by itself without the Cambium Networks name

Contact us at with any questions.


Primary logo


Primary logo in black


Primary logo in white


Secondary logo


Secondary logo, double stacked



Primary Color

Dark Blue
Pantone® 654C
R:0 G:61 B:121
C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:38 #003A70

Secondary Color

Cornflower Blue
Pantone® 284C
R:101 G:164 B:239
C:56 M:27 Y:0 K:0 #65A4EF

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