A Field Services Bulletin (FSB) is posted and announced whenever Cambium discovers a product issue that requires customer action in order to immediately address the issue. The FSB will indicate the product model or system affected, the nature of the issue, and the recommended resolution.

Applications Alerts

Field Service Bulletins Issue Date
FSB9091: PMP 450b Subscriber Module Incorrectly Programmed. February 15, 2024
FSB9089: cnMatrix™ configuration may get corrupted after software upgrade via cnMaestro™ August 2, 2023
FSB9088: PTP 850C radios May Fail After Software Upgrade or Downgrade April 28, 2023
FSB9086: cnMatrix TX Switches Device connectivity issue February 1, 2023
FSB9085: No GPS Data when using cnPulse with cnMatrix Switch April 29, 2022
FSB9084: 3 GHz PMP450m – No Power From AUX Port May 12, 2021
FSB9083: Update cnMaestro Cloud Managed Device Software by February 29, 2024 to Prevent Service Loss October 10, 2022
FSB9082: Difficulty establishing AP to SAS CBRS communication through a cnMaestro™ proxy on release PMP450 16.2.2 September 29, 2020
FSB9081: PMP450 Subscriber Modules Lose Factory Calibration Data August 24, 2020
FSB9080: cnPilot e410 Potential Flash Memory Corruption March 23, 2020
FSB9079: GPS Synchronization January 2, 2020
FSB9078: cnPilot R-Series Device Upgrades June 24, 2019
FSB9077: R-Series Home Router MAC Address Issue May 22, 2019
FSB9076: cnPilot Change in Port Binding behaviour starting with software release 4.4 March 25, 2019
FSB9075: cnPulse and PMP450m Sync Issue February 13, 2019
FSB9074: Potential issue with R-Series routers defaulting the MAC address December 27, 2018
FSB9073: Potential file system corruption on cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Point February 13, 2018
FSB9072: uGPS Connectivity Issues on Units Deployed in APAC and Russia December 21, 2017
FSB9071: PMP450b Field Issues December 6, 2017
FSB9070: PTP450 Radios in Canada Shall Enforced IC Regulations November 22, 2017
FSB9069: PTP 650 Radio’s in Canada should enforce IC regulations October 27, 2017
FSB9068: PTP 820S 1+1 HSB Switchover February 20, 2017
FSB9067: PMP450 Keyed Incorrectly June 6, 2017

If you have a question about anything contained in a Field Service Bulletin, please open a ticket via phone or the Cambium Support Center.