cnPulse and PMP450m Sync Issue

Document Number FSB9075
Revision 000v001
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Effective Date February 13, 2019
Expiry Date N/A
Warranty Service X High – Perform immediately
X Informational Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
Customer Specific Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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SUBJECT: cnPulse does not support PMP 450m in drop-cable mode

MODEL / SYSTEM AFFECTED: cnPulse (C000000L066A) and PMP 450m

REASON FOR SERVICE: A GPS sync issue has been identified for customers who have received the new cnPulse GPS Sync devices when attempting to install with PMP 450m in CambiumSYNC mode. In most cases it takes a long time for the PMP 450m to lock onto the sync signal from the cnPulse device. cnPulse and PMP 450m are compatible when utilizing the AUX port or alternately utilizing a CMM5 device.

NOTE: This notice serves to inform customers that GPS synchronization will be affected if they install PMP 450m with cnPulse in CambiumSYNC mode.

NOTE: Cambium Networks previous GPS sync device (1096K uGPS) is not affected by this issue.

RESOLUTION: Cambium Networks has identified and isolated the issue within the cnPulse device and will make a revision to the product later this year. This revised unit will be reflected by a new revision and hardware model for the cnPulse. In the interim, GPS sync works via the auxiliary port on the cnPulse product. Customers are encouraged to only utilize cnPulse if they can install their PMP 450m using the auxiliary port or the CMM5.

It is highly recommended for all customers to install PMP 450m on cnPulse utilizing the auxiliary port.

If you encounter an issue please open a support ticket with the Cambium Support team at the following URL:

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