Mining & Minerals

From pit to port—deliver exceptional connectivity across your entire mining operation.

Mining operations have unique needs—not the least of which is ensuring safety. Protecting your staff starts with providing reliable connectivity, and that’s where Cambium Networks comes in. Our comprehensive wireless fabric portfolio leverages proven, rugged wireless technology to connect autonomous trucks, drilling machinery and IoT devices.

Thanks to rapidly deployable, high-speed communications, operations can be effectivity coordinated from the mine, supply depots or transportation hubs—and our system can handle everything you need, including voice, video, email and SCADA data from sensors and controls.

Take Control of Your Network

Manage the network, not the elements. Deliver top-notch online experiences with a minimum of IT resources. Find out how our comprehensive portfolio of wired, wireless, security and SD-WAN solutions enable you to focus on the business and applications rather than individual network elements.

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What Sets Us Apart


  • Software tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Solutions are designed to interoperate with all Wi-Fi-enabled equipment/devices


  • Grow the network to cover multiple mining sites, barracks and remote equipment
  • Deploy connectivity across several sites and transportation depots


  • Support all applications and devices on one unified network—featuring centralized, end-to-end administration
  • Achieve results at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fiber

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