High-speed connectivity made easy

Connect buildings, garages, machine shops, sheds, boat docks, video cameras and more quickly and easily. Bridge-in-a-Box solutions provide up to 1.8 Gbps speed that use the unlicensed spectrum. Extending your connectivity is as easy as using an extension cord – without the cord.

Each Bridge-in-a-Box comes with two wireless radio modules and power over Ethernet supplies that can be used to extend your network from wherever you have an Ethernet port to wherever you need one. Choose your solution from 4 options below.

Product worked exactly as advertised out of the box. Provided fast internet service to building about 300 feet from house, but range is far greater. – Gary A

In fact, the installation is so simple that today I installed 3 sets in the span of 1.5 hours. No additional configuration, no needed expertise, no hassle. – Mark F

I purchased and installed this for one of our well pumps at the industrial plant I work at for remote monitoring. This worked perfect. I haven’t seen any connection drops, and we even have historical real time trending and readings . We have more projects planned that may require more point to point wireless applications, this will be first on the list of what we look at for future applications like this. – Matt

Bridge-in-a-Box Solutions


Pre-paired plug-n-play 600 Mbps link with range up to 8 kilometers (5 miles)

1 GB

Pre-paired plug-n-play 1 Gbps throughput in each direction up to 150 meters

2 GB

Pre-paired plug-n-play 2 Gbps throughput in each direction up to 500 meters