6 GHz

The 6 GHz spectrum is already approved for Wi-Fi use and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points are being deployed to accommodate new devices that use the 6 GHz spectrum.


Deliver multi-gigabit symmetrical services with future-proof OLTs and ONTs managed via a single pane of glass.

Wi-Fi 6

The new Wi-Fi 6 access points by Cambium Networks improve performance and efficiency beyond 802.11ac networks even without the use of 802.11ax devices. 

Millimeter Wave

cnWave from Cambium Networks enables service providers and enterprise network operators to extend their network with multi-gigabit speeds.

Fixed LTE

The cnRanger™ Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage while reducing cost and complexity.


Cambium Networks’ PMP 450m is the industry’s first commercially deployed massive multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) platform.

5G Fixed

Service providers can profitably expand into new markets with 5G based fixed wireless leveraging Cambium Networks’ wireless fabric portfolio.


CBRS is a first-of-its-kind dynamic spectrum sharing model. Cambium Networks enables access to 150MHz of CBRS spectrum for fixed broadband access.