3 GHz PMP450m – No Power From AUX Port
Document Number FSB9084
Revision 000v001
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Effective Date May 12, 2021
Expiry Date N/A
  Warranty Service   High – Perform immediately
X Informational X Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
  Customer Specific   Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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Subject: 3GHz PMP450m Access Points not able to provide power to cnPulse/uGPS connected via AUX-Port

Model/System AFFECTED: All PMP450m Access Points within this ESN/MAC Address range ‘0A-00-3E-60-85-4D’ to ‘0A-00-3E-60-8A-65’ are potentially impacted.

Sympton: Customers are reporting a symptom on the 3GHz PMP450m Access Points where a connected cnPulse/uGPS via its AUX-PORT has no sync or GPS data – GUI-> Home -> Sync Status. Sync Status is in Searching, and GPS Data shows no Satellites information.

Current Status of Investigation: We have identified a potential issue with some 3GHz PMP450m Access Points where they are not able to power up a cnPulse/uGPS device
connected to their AUX port. If you are not using the AUX port of the 450m AP to power up cnPulse/uGPS, this issue will have no other impact. Cambium has determined that the units that are potentially impacted have ESN/MAC Address ranging from ‘0A-00-3E-60-85-4D’ to ‘0A-00-3E-60-8A-65’.

The procedure to screen the device to determine if the issue is present is described below. If you find that your unit is not performing as specified, please contact Cambium Technical Support to submit an RMA.

Recommendation/Resolution: If you have 3GHz PMP450m Access Points with ESN/MAC address range with ‘0A-00-3E-60-85-4D’ to ‘0A-00-3E-60-8A-65’, please download the PDF version of this bulletin and follow the included verification procedures to determine if the unit is impacted.

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