cnPilot e410 Potential Flash Memory Corruption

Document Number FSB9080
Revision 000v001
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Effective Date March 23, 2020
Expiry Date N/A
  Warranty Service   High – Perform immediately
X Informational X Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
  Customer Specific   Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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SUBJECT: cnPilot e410 Access Point

MODEL / SYSTEM AFFECTEDAll cnPilot E-Series e410 Access Points running firmware
versions below 3.11.3-r7

cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) running with firmware version below 3.11.3-r7 are susceptible to flash memory corruption, which may cause APs to become inoperable. If the AP encounters the issue, the unit is not recoverable, and an RMA will have to be opened with the Cambium Support team. Use the cnMaestro console to identify the e410 APs which are vulnerable by following these steps:

  1. From cnMaestro dashboard, click on the “Inventory” icon on the left side.
  2. Choose the preferred network.
  3. In the upper right hand corner, click on “Export” and export all data in the format of your choice. Once downloaded, filter on “Active S/W Version” to determine the software version(s) are being used.
  4. If upgrade is needed, click on the “Manage” icon on the left of the dashboard and then choose the preferred network.
  5. Click on “Software Update” on the top of the screen and choose software release “”.
  6. Check boxes for devices which you would like to upgrade and click the “Add Software Job” button at the bottom of the page.

CURRENT STATUS OF INVESTIGATION: The issue has been resolved and the fix is available in software version 3.11.3-r7 and later releases.

RESOLUTION: All such devices running firmware older than version 3.11.3-r7 should be upgraded to to avoid experiencing this issue.

If you encounter an issue please open a support ticket with the Cambium Support team at the following URL:

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