R-Series Home Router MAC Address Issue

Document Number FSB9077
Revision 000v001
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Effective Date May 22, 2019
Expiry Date N/A
X Warranty Service X High – Perform immediately
X Informational   Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
  Customer Specific   Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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SUBJECT: Compatibility issue with TD90 Positioner (C000000L067A, C000000L068A, and C000000L069A) when used in combination with AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector 56V (C000065L002C)

MODEL / SYSTEM AFFECTED: TD90 Positioner (C000000L067A, C000000L068A, and C000000L069A)

REASON FOR BULLETIN: There is a power compatibility issue with the TD90 when combined with the AC+DC Power Injector 56V. The power level provided by the power injector is higher than the circuitry in the TD90 board can except and will permanently damage the TD90 device and it will become inoperable.
The only power injectors approved for use with the TD90 are listed below. Use of any other power injector will void the product warranty.

CK-RPIDUG1A-WW – Rugged PIDU (Green), AC/DC
N000065L100C – AC Power Injector 56V

RESOLUTION: If you encounter this issue please open a support ticket with the Cambium Support team at the following URL:

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