Potential file system corruption
on cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Point

Document NumberFSB9073
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Effective DateFebruary 13, 2017
Expiry DateN/A
Warranty Service XHigh – Perform immediately
XInformationalMedium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
Customer SpecificLow – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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SUBJECT: Potential file system corruption on cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Point

MODEL / SYSTEM AFFECTED: cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Points running firmware older than 3.5.2-R4.

REASON FOR SERVICE: Software older than version 3.5.2-R4 handles certain flash memory operations incorrectly on the cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi Access Point. This can lead to corruption of the file system, that results in failure to achieve an operational state on power up.

When this failure occurs the LED on the front of the AP will remain orange on power up instead of turning green or blue. The Access Point may not be accessible via the GUI or CLI. Failure is possible both during the operation of the AP, or right after a firmware upgrade.

When this failure occurs there is no user intervention possible. If you encounter this situation and the device is under warranty, please contact the Cambium Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to process an RMA.

RESOLUTION: To avoid this failure, a software upgrade to version 3.5.2-R4 is required.

The firmware file is available for upgrade through:

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