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Win new customers—and open new revenue streams.

To grow your business, you can extend and expand mobile networks with fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions—and Cambium Networks will show you how.

Our fixed wireless technologies deliver a more efficient use of the wireless spectrum, empowering you to provide high-speed broadband service to business and residential locations. And with comprehensive indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity and centralized cloud management, you’ll be more efficient—and more profitable.

Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

Deliver top-notch online experiences and do so with a minimum of resources. With Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of fiber, wireless, security and SD-WAN solutions, you can deploy technology that simply works.

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What Sets Us Apart


  • Software tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Fast, reliable performance—at a fraction of the cost of fiber or mobile-based infrastructure


  • Grow the network—from a small footprint with hundreds of users to multi-state operations serving thousands
  • Leverage our expandable ONE Network portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technologies


  • Centralized cloud management provides a unified view of the entire network—and empowers effective performance management
  • Demonstrated low total cost of ownership

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Learn how fixed wireless solutions deliver high capacity and coverage to customers.

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