PTP 850C radios May Fail After
Software Upgrade or Downgrade
Document Number FSB9088
Revision v0003
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Effective Date April 28, 2023
Expiry Date N/A
X Warranty Service X High – Perform immediately
  Informational   Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
  Customer Specific   Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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Subject: A small number of PTP 850C radios may become inoperable and unrecoverable after performing a software upgrade or downgrade from the factory installed version.

Software/Configuration AFFECTED: A software upgrade or downgrade which loads any existing PTP 850 software release will invoke this issue. The issue will only occur on radios with the Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) contained in the list provided below.

Sympton: If a software upgrade or downgrade is attempted on a radio with an MSN contained in the table below, the unit will become completely inoperable and unrecoverable.

Since there is no field recovery procedure for this issue, Cambium is recommending that if you have a PTP 850C radio in your possession that has an MSN from the table below, please contact Cambium Technical Support to discuss the options. The radio can be deployed as long as an upgrade or downgrade is not planned prior to the 12.3 release described below.
A new software release (12.3) will be available in June 2023 which will allow the radio to be upgraded. After the application of the 12.3 software, the radio will be allowed to be upgraded to future releases but downgrades to releases below 12.3 will be restricted.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Cambium Technical Support at the following:

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