No GPS Data when using cnPulse with cnMatrix Switch
Document Number FSB9085
Revision 000v002.1
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Effective Date April 29, 2022
Expiry Date N/A
X Warranty Service   High – Perform immediately
  Informational X Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
  Customer Specific   Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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The use of cnPulse GPS for synchronization input may not work properly with certain manufactured builds of the cnMatrix TX2020R-P switch. The issue is only with the reading/displaying of the GPS data from cnPulse – the synchronization pulse from cnPulse is still functional. The switch will still display “In-Sync”, with Cambium Sync still fully functional.

Software/Configuration AFFECTED: This issue is hardware related. Any units that fall within the below serial number range are affected by this issue

  • TX2020R-P (MXTX2020GxPA10)
    Serial numbers affected: All units that have the first 4 digits starting with the following: “XMWJ”, “XMXA”, “XMXB”. Units affected will have a HW version of “01”. Affected units were manufactured prior to 2021-03-01 (MFG Date). Not all “XMXB” units have the issue. Units manufactured on or after 2021-03-01, or have HW version “02” are not affected.

Sympton: Customers using the TX2020R-P cnMatrix switch in conjunction with a cnPulse for synchronization may not display valid GPS data.



If GPS data from cnPulse is not displayed when used in conjunction with the TX2020R-P cnMatrix switch, check the serial number and manufacturing date. If they fall within the range provided in this FSB, please contact Cambium technical support to open a ticket to request an RMA. Cambium Technical Support can be contacted at the following:

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