Broadband Service Provider

Expand into new markets and maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing costs.

There’s no getting around it—your customers are fanning out. And whether they’re in urban, suburban, rural or remote locations, they all want the same thing: dependable, fast connectivity.

Our complete wireless fabric portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technologies enables you to efficiently expand your network in a matter of days or weeks—and at a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber. With Cambium Networks technology, you can deliver multi-gigabit speeds for indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi applications, and oversee the entire network with easy-to-use, centralized cloud management.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Software tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Deploy connectivity at a fraction of the cost and time of running cable


  • Grow the network—from a small footprint with hundreds of users to multi-state operations serving thousands
  • Leverage an expandable, wireless fabric portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technologies


  • Centralized cloud management provides a unified view of the entire network—and empowers effective performance management
  • Demonstrated low total cost of ownership

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Explore how Tizeti is able to connect people across Nigeria with fast fixed wireless and Wi-Fi.

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