Desert iNET Delivers Multi-Gigabit Access to Residential Customers with 60 GHz cnWave™ Fixed Wireless Broadband from Cambium Networks

By Cambium Networks

Broadband service provider delivers high speed tiered services to residential subscribers with a combination of fiber core and 60 GHz millimeter wave fixed wireless broadband.

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Mar 22, 2022 – Cambium Networks’ (NASDAQ: CMBM) 60 GHz millimeter wave fixed wireless broadband enables broadband service providers to deliver multi-gigabit access with faster time to service than trenching fiber. With hybrid fiber and 60 GHz cnWave™ fixed wireless technologies Desert iNET, a leading broadband service provider in Scottsdale, Arizona is rapidly expanding by delighting customers with “the most reliable and customer friendly high speed service.”

Subscriber Stephen L. described his experience: “Desert iNET recently upgraded us to a Gigabit by Gigabit service on their new technology, and my boys are over the moon!  I had the house wired for ethernet and now their ping to the Fortnite servers is 2 ms, and speeds are 918 Mbps by 930 Mbps symmetrical!”

Desert iNET 60 GHz cnWave Fixed Wireless Speed Test

Cambium Networks cnWave platform exploits the 60 GHz spectrum and 802.11ay standard to eliminate the wait for last mile fiber, at a fraction of the cost. The system uses Terragraph meshing technology, beam steering, software defined radios, and centralized cloud management. Conventional wisdom says that FTTH is the only way to achieve gigabit broadband to the home.  Desert iNet is proving that’s not the case. The wireless fabric from Cambium Networks makes it easy to plan, deploy, and manage affordable Gigabit speeds to the home.

“It’s every bit as fast as fiber,” said Jeff Hardesty, Vice President and co-founder, Desert iNET. “With 60 GHz cnWave, we can now offer Gigabit download and 100 Mbps uplink, or greater, speeds for streaming video conferencing, and business applications in addition to gaming, Netflix and other entertainment services.”

Desert iNET is onboarding more than 15 customers per week to the 60 GHz cnWave enabled network. Using meshing technology, they are able to leverage selected residences as host sites for the V5000 cnWave Distribution Nodes (DN) and then connect V3000 or V1000 cnWave Client Nodes (CN) at other locations. The relay points are hardened and the efficient mesh provides redundancy so that the subscribers have continuity of service should a relay point fail.

“Broadband service providers are deploying Gigabit speed connectivity quickly,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. “Millimeter wave is the exciting tip of the iceberg. Service providers also depend on the essential infrastructure underneath – Cambium Networks’ wireless fabric which includes includes planning tools, management, switching, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and support options.”

Jeff Hardesty will share his experiences at the 60 GHz cnWave Roadshow in Scottsdale, Arizona April 12-13. Register Here.

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Published March 22, 2022