PMP 450b Mid-Gain

Document Number FSB9071
Revision 000v002
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Effective Date December, 6 2017
Expiry Date N/A
 X Warranty Service  X High – Perform immediately
Informational Medium – Perform at next scheduled maintenance
Customer Specific Low – Perform when system exhibits symptoms

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SUBJECT: PMP 450b Field Issues

SYMPTOM: Customers have reported the device does not perform at expected power levels at longer distances, and the device shows lower power levels than the PMP450 SM with a CLIP.

CURRENT STATUS OF INVESTIGATION: Analysis of this issue found that the performance issues are being caused by incorrect factory calibration errors, complicated by a component issue. These issues are now understood and will be resolved in software release R15.1.2.1.

It was also discovered that a flaw in the factory assembly process may have introduced a static event that damaged the RF switch device on the PCB which will result in loss of signal along one polarity. Significant sampling and test data has shown that this occurred on <2% of the devices in the ESN range listed above. This issue has been eliminated from production, and newly shipped units will not have this issue.

RECOMMENDATION/RESOLUTION: Customers experiencing any performance-related issues should upgrade the radio to R15.1.2.1 or later.

If upgrading the radio does not resolve the issue, please open a Cambium support ticket to assist with diagnosing the problem, and if needed an RMA will be issued to replace the faulty unit.

If you have a question about anything contained in a Field Service Bulletin, please open a ticket via phone or the Cambium Support Center.

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