ONE Network for Service Providers

Deliver top-notch online experiences and do so with a minimum of resources. With Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of fiber, wireless, security and SD-WAN solutions, you can deploy technology that simply works.


Superior service. Low price. Less churn.

Business and residential customers value reliable connectivity above pricing and throughput. With Cambium Networks service provider solutions, you can differentiate and satisfy your customers.

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Cambium’s approach to building networks leverages our decades long foundation of providing network solutions that deliver:

  • ONE converged network of multiple industry-standard technologies that simplifies operations
  • Best-in-class operational efficiency delivered by intelligent automation
  • Consistently predictable performance enabled by application optimization

These technologies are designed to cover urban, suburban, rural and remote areas alike. Proven to deliver high throughput—with multi-gigabit speeds—our Service Provider solutions offer rock-solid performance and unparalleled value.