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cnMaestro 5.1.0

  • EasyPass access services simplifies Wi-Fi onboarding  
  • AFC (Automated Frequency Coordination) for optimized spectrum access in 6 GHz
  • Consolidated Views for X Assurance at System and Account Levels
  • Enhanced WIDS/WIPS with AP whitelisting, Ad Hoc networks and wired device visibility 

cnMaestro 5.0.2

  • NSE – increased scale to accommodate deployments up to 1000 users 
  • NSE – Wireguard statistics and enhancements to VLANs
  • RV22 home gateway QoS and wired mesh support 

Advanced Features


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can differentiate their brand to address specific sub-markets in their service area.


Restful APIs and Webhooks for integration with existing OSS/BSS systems and event monitoring.


Rapidly troubleshoot network issues using AI-powered root cause analysis with proactive resolution, ensuring SLA’s are met and preventing client impact.


Cambium Care Pro – 24×7 accelerated access to Level 2 technical support and all software updates/ upgrades. 

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Other Key Features

Built for scale and security at all levels 

Devices connect to cnMaestro cloud management using SSL-enabling deployments without changes to the firewall configuration. Cambium intelligent edge architecture enables fault-tolerant networks where the network continues to operate even when the cloud is unreachable due to a WAN outage. With cnMaestro Essentials, you can manage networks with up to thousands of sites and up to 10,000 devices.

Zero-touch provisioning

Create, provision, monitor and manage the entire network of wireless and wired devices from a single dashboard login with key performance metrics, alarms and alerts. The cloud-first UI design is easy to learn and apply across the portfolio. cnMaestro network management helps network administrators simplify operations and deliver an optimal client experience.

Deployment flexibility and TCO 

Choice of public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises deployment with best TCO. cnMaestro network management helps lower operating cost and accelerate return on investment by not requiring Wi-Fi controllers, which reduces the complexity and cost of deploying Wi-Fi networks.

Supports network hierarchy

Enables easy configuration, monitoring and debugging at network nodes and decreasing operational costs. This especially becomes critical for large or small distributed networks with small on-site IT staff.


VisionNet MSP Case Study

cnMaestro X