Connectivity Solutions for Hospitality


Deliver top-notch amenities and experiences. Today’s guests with multiple devices must have fast, accessible Wi-Fi. Dazzle your guests with exceptional connectivity in their rooms, conference areas and across the entire property.

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Hospitality venues are seeking:
• High-performance Wi-Fi service for guests and staff
• Seamless roaming across the entire property
• Simple onboarding of guest devices
• Secure networks for guests and staff
• Economical and flexible pricing that fits every budget

Efficient and Affordable Connectivity
Keep your focus on the guests, not the IT infrastructure. Cambium Networks delivers reliable wireless connectivity solutions to more than 2,000 hotel organizations. Venues must rapidly modernize connectivity without disrupting the environment, quickly deploy connectivity for temporary events and deliver exceptional guest experiences at a low total cost of ownership.

Cambium Networks Solutions Provide High-Quality Connectivity Experiences for Guests at Any Location:
• Complete coverage – from in-room coverage to outdoor spaces to high-density meeting areas
• Secure, reliable high-speed throughput
• One unified network that delivers many outcomes – pervasive coverage, seamless roaming across the property, performance headroom to support streaming video, video surveillance and IoT use cases while minimizing downtime
• Proven economics – industry-leading low TCO, reduced CAPEX, reduced labor, increased operational efficiency with fewer IT resources

• One integrated connectivity solution that is easy to manage
• Customized branded guest portal
• Guest access with ePSK and voucher system
• Application Visibility & Control lets you easily manage the connectivity experience for all users
• Zero-touch configuration makes delighting guests a breeze
• Easy integration with third-party applications via an open API to customize your solution and integrate with your hotel’s existing systems

• Connect one conference room or cover all areas of your facility
• Centralized management of multiple properties in different locations
• Software-defined radio for high-density meeting areas and ballrooms
• Our comprehensive portfolio of access points, switches and management systems allows you to scale as venue size increases
• Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor wireless solutions enable connectivity at campground or festivals

• Deliver exceptional connectivity while maintaining a lean IT staff
• Reliable WLAN at a reasonable cost
• Centralized cloud management of the entire network, including multiple properties optimizes performance and minimizes cost
• Management flexibility (Cloud or on-premises)