AWO Chemnitz Ensures Reliable And Stable Connectivity To Residents And Employees Of Senior Home-Care Residences


The grandchildren engage in a fascinating conversation with their grandparents, exchanging news, filling the seniors' residence with laughter and happiness. But then, an unwelcome interruption occurs: the video call abruptly ends as the image freezes, while the sound persists, all due to an internet connection disruption. To prevent such disappointing situations, many operators of senior care facilities choose to rely on robust and contemporary Wi-Fi networks. Arbeiterwohlfahrt Chemnitz (AWO) also recognized the need to prepare its senior residences for the future and, as a result, equipped two residential complexes with a high performance Wi-Fi solution.

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Due to the reliability of the Wi-Fi network, it’s now possible to extend high-quality healthcare services beyond the facility’s boundaries. Telemedicine allows some residents to conduct medical appointments digitally, removing the need for inperson visits to the doctor’s office or for doctors to travel to the nursing home. However, the increased use of WiFi by employees also calls for more extensive solution requirements, as distinct access points are essential for both work-related and personal usage.

Providing seniors with proper care and an extensive array of amenities is vital to ensure their comfort in nursing homes. The transition from one’s own home to a retirement facility is a significant life change, and it should be made as pleasant as possible by maintaining high standards in the nursing home. In recent times, the importance of digital technology has been on the rise. Many seniors now possess devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops, and they wish to use them in their new residences. This underscores the need for a reliable and strong WiFi network. Nonetheless, many retirement homes still have significant improvements to make in terms of internet access.

The project to implement the Wi-Fi network in the two AWO Chemnitz senior care homes was successfully completed within six months. Jörg Hacheck adds, “The entire process was seamless, with no complications. Currently, we are establishing the necessary software requirements to extend our new WLAN for business purposes. In conclusion, Cambium Networks’ products and our high-performance WiFi network have positioned our senior residences for future success.”

Thanks to favourable recommendations, the choice of the Wi-Fi network provider for AWO Chemnitz quickly settled on Cambium Networks as the supplier of the Wi-Fi network, with MUGLER SE serving as the general contractor responsible for project management, planning, implementation, and commissioning.

To ensure the reliable provision of high-performance Wi-Fi to residents and employees, it was imperative to employ the latest technology. As a result, Wi-Fi 6 devices were used in the installation, including 35 XV2-2 indoor Access Points 5 XV2-2T0 outdoor Access Points and 9 EX2028, EX1010-P, EX2028-P cnMatrix Switches. The management of the network and individual devices was facilitated through the utilization of the cnMaestro management platform, offering easy and intuitive control.

Another crucial consideration was the ability of the chosen WLAN solution to cater to the needs of employees for business-related purposes. Enhanced communication and superior IT connections can make a substantial difference in the care and support provided to residents. For instance, patient records of examinations and treatments can be digitally entered and accessed throughout the facility immediately after completion. This eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to stationary computers and other documentation systems, allowing that time to be redirected toward resident care.