Exceptional Holiday Park Wi-Fi on a Nationwide Scale


Vacationers want to get away from it all AND still be connected. Buffering and inconsistent Wi-Fi can ruin the ability to share experiences and relax. Consistently reliable Wi-Fi is as important as any other amenity.

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A Re-Designed Connectivity Solution
Reliable, ultra-fast Wi-Fi is a huge driver of holiday park customer satisfaction and can make or break a guest’s holiday. Wifinity have expertise in the Holiday Park sector and have seen first-hand the difference it can make.
“We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Instead, we will design a network that meets the unique needs of leisure parks and their guests,” says Stacey. “We understand the quirks and unique features of every site. We’ll make sure the network reaches every cabin, caravan, and corner of the property, and with ultra-fast and reliable Wi-Fi, the whole family can stay connected.”

The Solution
A challenge faced in holiday parks is that the caravans are structures that are known to challenge Wi-Fi transmissions. Choosing to replace traditional Wi-Fi mesh architecture with a multi-gigabit speed, distributed fixed backhaul wireless, and an indoor Wi-Fi access point (AP) inside each caravan solved the challenge. “This architecture solves a lot of problems,” says Stacey. “The customer required a network solution with reliable performance, scalability, and adaptability to various environments,” says Stacey. Cambium’s PTP and PTMP technologies met these requirements enabling Wifinity to install, manage, and deliver a cost-effective solution with minimal disruption. Cambium Networks’ solution provides gigabit speeds, high-density endpoint support, scalable deployment capabilities and is highly reliable with centralised monitoring and management through a single pane of glass with the cnMaestro cloud management system.

The Results
The holiday park operator has seen considerable improvement in user satisfaction, operational efficiency, and potential for expansion.
In 2022, Wifinity’s “Direct to Van” solution, designed for the hospitality and holiday sector using Cambium’s switching, PTP, PtMP infrastructure, reached an impressive milestone of 550,000 unique account registrations. With each account typically comprising multiple devices, the total device count exceeded 1 million, in its first year of operation. User numbers continue to grow in line with industry norms and is expected to surpass 1.5 million connected devices in the near future.
In addition, the reliability and performance of the network saw a significant increase in CSAT and a reduction in user to contact ratio of under 1% – industry standard for excellent service is 5%.