Extend the Fiber Core

By Cambium Networks

Why wait for Fiber? Great Wi-Fi experiences are dependent on high-performance infrastructure. Fiber is the ideal answer… when it’s available. While there is a lot of fiber deployed, it’s not always in the right places. With Cambium Networks’ 60 GHz millimeter wave fixed wireless infrastructure, operators can deploy multi-gigabit wireless backhaul with fiber-like performance and reliability.

60 GHz cnWave™ with Terragraph mesh technology is purpose-built wireless broadband based on 802.11ay Wi-Fi technology. This solution does not carry the burden of nomadic client access and provides performance and resiliency comparable to fiber at a fraction of the cost. Now, network buildouts can be measured in days and weeks rather than months or years.

Our solutions bring fixed wireless down to earth. Traditionally, fixed wireless radios have been deployed on tall towers beaming down to the areas below. With millimeter wave technology, the propagation has shorter ranges than traditional fixed wireless. With beamforming technology and a smaller physical size, these radios are strong when meshed together, lower to the ground and using the sides of buildings, rooftops and streetlamps. This architecture offers the coverage and density needed to provide multi-gigabit wireless infrastructure for Wi-Fi access.

See how cnWave can stretch the fiber core to power the network you need today.

Published July 27, 2021