Increase Broadband Speeds Without Changing Field Equipment

By Cambium Networks

We need to increase broadband speeds without changing field equipment” has been a challenge we often heard from service provider operators as they considered the new CBRS spectrum. After having deployed Cambium Networks’ CBRS radios, their perspective has changed.  The feedback from Van Billingsley, Founder, ESC Wireless in North Carolina, captures this sentiment:The PMP 450m beats everything else on the market. We will have our entire system covered including approximately seven counties and growing across two states.”

To date, network operators have deployed more than 100,000 point-to-multipoint (PMP) 450m fixed wireless access solutions leveraging the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) frequency band. Now that we have achieved this milestone, it is good to reflect on a solution that delivers solid performance and business results. At Cambium Networks, our DNA drives us to consistently deliver affordable quality across each of our products. Relentless innovation and meeting commitments are two of our core values. This is why we create solutions that are right the first time and we stand behind our commitment to support our customers throughout their journey.

Specifically, these solutions have been utilized in the United States and its territories within the 18 months since the FCC made the spectrum available. As detailed in this press release, Cambium Networks has worked closely with network operators and service providers to make it easy and cost efficient to use CBRS spectrum.

The success of our CBRS solution is unique among equipment suppliers and is a testament to our ability to meet commitments while being a pioneer in the industry. Specifically, our CBRS deployments have provided a means to:

  1. Validate shared spectrum system programs – The idea of Spectrum Access Systems (SAS) and Priority Access Licenses (PAL) is a pilot for the FCC. This success demonstrates the feasibility of similar solutions to other regulatory bodies around the world.
  2. Demonstrate our abilities – We listen to and understand the needs and requirements of regulatory agencies, network operators and development engineers. We aimed to find the “sweet spot” and have delivered a solution that enables our software-defined radios to be field upgraded to add support for CBRS frequencies.
  3. Execute the plan – We have coordinated our efforts with multiple organizations, some with whom we have never worked before and compete with in other areas. We also worked with channel partners, training and communications teams to deliver the solution on time and within budget.

In addition, all of the excellent work above happened during the COVID pandemic when the demand for broadband was high, and the supply chain for equipment was stressed.

Network operators can now rapidly increase broadband speeds without a dispatch to replace field equipment. Our CBRS solutions are delivered on time and installations continue to grow.

Let us know your connectivity challenges. We are ready and able to apply our expertise.

Published August 17, 2021