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Multi-Gigabit Wireless Connects Your World

Connecting people is more important than ever. The escalating demand for multi-gigabit wireless connectivity is being driven by the COVID pandemic and anticipation of 5G fixed wireless access as an alternative to fiber. There is another reason for the excitement: the technology is here now. The timing couldn’t be more…

Outcomes Drive Transformation

The outcome is what matters most. Measured business value must be the prime initiative when considering transformation. New technology alone is not enough whether it’s being able to​: Pick and pack an item at top speed​Achieving the highest levels of quality in manufacturing​Quality of life for the elderly​ or patient…

2020: Too Much and Not Enough

“I have five people in the house at the moment, four of which will be streaming full HD resolution video, three simultaneously online gaming, online music, Zoom and Teams meetings in parallel while I try to work and host meetings without interruptions!” Sound Familiar? This is home life for many…

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