Rapidly Deliver Gbps to the Home

By Ray Savich

Do Gigabit speeds to residences require fiber? Not anymore.

Avoid the time and cost of trenching and getting right of way and satisfy the end customer using Fixed Wireless. Deliver Gigabit download and high-speed symmetrical services that satisfy the need for work from home videoconferencing and streaming gaming and entertainment – and get to those customers first.

Multi-Gigabit Speed Delivered Over 60 GHz Fixed Wireless

Multi-Gigabit Wireless Technology in a Mesh Architecture

Fixed Wireless in the 60 GHz frequency band provides a highly reliable and efficient platform that can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost of trenching fiber. Leveraging the 802.11ay standard, efficient meshing technology, distributed network infrastructure, beam steering, software defined radios and centralized cloud management, 60 GHz cnWave™ delivers performance that was previously only associated with fiber.

Another distinct advantage of the fixed wireless distributed architecture is the resilience, automatic failure detection and repair. Should a link go down the system will automatically reroute traffic through the next best path to provide continuity to the subscriber. This is achieved through the use of Distribution Node (DN’s) and Multiple Point of Presences (PoPs).

60 GHz cnWave is easy to add to existing networks based on layer 2 and IPv4 protocols while behind the scenes it takes advantage of the latest layer 3 routing and IPv6 for scalability and resiliency today.

Find out more about Gig speed fixed wireless in this video.

Planning Tools Make It Easy

Not familiar with fixed wireless? Software planning tools optimize design and hence reduce system cost while maximizing revenue.  Tools based on LiDAR data provide the precision to accurately budget equipment needed to satisfy any Fixed Wireless deployment and then to accurately position DNs for robust resilience of the DN backbone and the ability to provide service to all customer buildings. cnHeat™ generates predictions to one-meter precision.

Learn more about RF planning in this video.

Learn from the Leaders

See how broadband service providers are extending their fiber infrastructure to rapidly connect new subscribers with Gigabit speeds using fixed wireless technology.

  • Alaska Communications – Alaska Communications can rapidly extend their fiber network with gigabit wireless technology to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective connectivity by using Cambium Networks’ 60 GHz cnWave equipment. Read the details in the press release.
  • Jade Communications – “Hey, looks like your team just tuned-up my Internet service,” says one end-customer after getting their internet service switched to 60 GHz cnWave. The speed test for this customer shows a download speed of 1,664.27 Mbps and an upload speed of 1,653.94 Mbps. Read more in the press release.
  • Pentanet – Pentanet is building neXus, a multi-gigabit fixed wireless network across the metro area in Perth, Australia, to provide internet access for business and residential subscribers. Watch this video on Pentanet.

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Published February 2, 2022