What is it about? Cambium recognizes that running a WISP is more than just picking the right radio solution. It is about running a business, worrying about installation efficiency, billing, provisioning of new users, marketing of your services and last but not least keeping the middle of the night support calls to a minimum. While focusing on developing affordable and reliable wireless solutions Cambium is embarking on a new mission to be the founding sponsor of a WISP consulting group. Cambium’s mission is to help bring a group of industry experts together across a multitude of areas and together with this group offer an avenue to consult and learn from each other.

Alejo Martin

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Focus Area: Ingeniería de Proyectos Inalámbricos banda licenciada y no licenciada, Video Seguridad transportada por IP, Routing y Switching

Eduardo J. Brongers Perez

Nicaragua, Centro América
Focus Area: Microondas

Julio Antonio Chavarría

San José, Costa Rica
Focus Area: Diseño e implementación de redes inalámbricas, seguridad, IoT, switching y routing

Dr. Elia Spadoni

Ravenna, Italy
Focus Area: WISP, FTTH Broadband access

Joel Gonzalez

Ciudad de México, Mexico
Focus Area: Asesoría, consultoría, administración, mantenimiento y desarrollo de proyectos en redes inalámbricas de banda ancha, microondas y WiFi, Video vigilancia, automatización (IoT), fibra óptica para planta interna, externa y FTTH, routing, switching y energías renovables.

Daniel Millar

Wellington, New Zealand
Focus Area: Wireless Networking

Sasa Blagojevic

Nis, Serbia
Focus Area: Telecommunications Industry

Justin Wilson

Indiana, United States

Joshaven Potter

Michigan, United States

Willie Howe

Illinois, United States
Focus Area: Wireless Networking

Dennis Burgess

Missouri, United States