About Powercode

Building the best and most effective software is what Powercode strives for. Powercode’s mission is to offer the best all-in-one solution for ISPs of all sizes – everyone from a startup, to seasoned companies. Powercode has been there every step of the way for more than 20 years.

Applications & Benefits

Powercode is here to help you help your customers from the first contact, throughout their entire relationship with your company. The Powercode Elevation Profile makes prequalifying customers simple and straightforward without needing to send a technician to survey. This gives your technicians more freedom and efficiency to do what they do best: bring your service to eager customers. In that same vein, Powercode’s Inventory feature simplifies equipment tracking and management so your technician’s focus can remain on the customer. From there, Powercode will monitor your equipment and alert you when there are issues. All of this is accompanied by our Complete Billing System allowing you to collect money from your customers without needing to lift a finger. Customers can even log into the Customer Self-Care Portal where they can make payments, open tickets, and so much more!

“Powercode is the definition of a value-added service. After years of failed solutions and tens of thousands of dollars down the drain, we have finally integrated our customer management, billing, inventory, and monitoring into one user-friendly platform. The Powercode team has far exceeded expectations in customer service and helped make the transition painless and enjoyable. We are truly thrilled with Powercode and wish we would have realized its value sooner.”

Amanda – Clearlink Broadband LLC