How New Tech Revitalized an Aging Structure: Historic Buildings, Modern Capabilities


World Cinema was selected by a hospitality client operating out of a historic building, and burdened with an outdated internet infrastructure that couldn’t support the streaming demands of modern customers.

Read the case study on how World Cinema used Cambium Networks technology to revitalize an aging structure fit for the 21st century, and beyond.

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The client was seeking to upgrade their fiber-optic connection to increase their internet services’ bandwidth. In addition, they needed to upgrade their TV services, as their current solution had poor video quality and a limited channel lineup. Due to the structure’s thick concrete walls and significant wiring problems, meeting the client’s needs required a comprehensive deployment strategy.

Therefore, the client sought an experienced technology and professional service that could provide them with a customized solution specifically for their facility. This search led them to choose World Cinema (WCI) as their solutions provider, backed by Cambium Networks.

Upon accepting the contract, World Cinema immediately realized that the customer’s existing IT infrastructure was extremely outdated and would require a complete rewiring of the entire historic building. This rewiring was the only way to ensure that the client’s new network would provide quality TV/internet connectivity. World Cinema’s strategy involved the use of Cambium Network components. They determined that Cambium Networks’ technology would provide the client with fast, dense WiFi. In turn, this would allow the client’s guests to maintain a secure internet connection. World Cinema strategy also involved deploying all necessary network

The client was very pleased with WCIs professionalism and the overall results of the project. By leveraging Cambium Network’s technologies, WCI was able to provide the client with a robust WiFi network and reliable TV entertainment capabilities. The client now has an up-to-date technology infrastructure that can sufficiently support the needs of their customer base.

Since WCI completed the project, the client has sought out additional services from WCI. Specifically, to equip other areas of the property with modern IT technologies which WIC is currently developing a strategy for.