MSP Blasts Ahead with Security Offering


In a crowded market, it can be hard to differentiate and stand out. Many MSPs start out by offering basic internet services to small and medium business (SMB) clients. While this provided a start, Lockedheart Technologies found that their initial technology solution was at the “table stakes” level and did not enable them to differentiate among multiple managed service provider (MSP) alternatives.

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WITH THEIR INITIAL SOLUTION, problems with VoIP services and Wi-Fi calling started to grow. Cybersecurity became top of mind, and support from their networking hardware provider was of little value. Their SMB clients have 10 to 100 users and do not have in-house IT services. Their previous equipment provider had a low initial cost. However, over time, the lack of integration and support drove up customer trouble reports and maintenance time. Lockedheart Technologies saw that they could stand out among MSPs by offering exceptional end-user experiences. “We focus on ease of use and a high level of support for SMBs that don’t have an IT department or person,” says Christian Cantrell, CEO of Lockedheart Technologies, LLC. “We aim to impress.”

ULTIMATELY, THEY FOUND Wi-Fi and switching solutions from Cambium Networks. The Network Service Edge (NSE) next-gen security solution allowed Lockedheart to offer a secure, easy-to-manage end-to-end network stack. Now, Lockedheart offers many services leveraging the efficiency of a converged network. The network automates processes across multiple technologies, supporting satisfactory end-user performance.
• Security and SD-WAN
NSE 3000 – The Network Service Edge delivers advanced security, network and WAN services for SMB enterprise networks. NSE 3000 establishes a resilient and application-intelligent WAN edge, ensuring network protection against threats with a LAN vulnerability assessment. Its detailed dashboard offers IoT device visibility and delivers core services in one integrated application.
• Wi-Fi Access Points
Indoor – Wi-Fi 6 indoor solutions deliver superior performance as proven in a third-party Tolly report.
Outdoor – Wi-Fi 6 with high-efficiency antennas deliver service up to a 1-kilometer range, ultimately saving equipment and installation cost.
• Ethernet Switching
cnMatrix – Indoor and ruggedized switching solutions include automatic switch configuration and profile devices to automatically place them in the appropriate network segment
• Video Surveillance
cnVision – This wireless solution backhauls video feeds to one location instead of having a DVR and NVR at each device.
• Centralized Cloud Management – A cnMaestro single-pane-of-glass solution enables monitoring and management of the network.

CURRENTLY, LOCKEDHEART REACHES OUT to municipalities and local businesses offering design, installation and maintenance services. By leveraging Lockedheart’s experience and level of customer service, their clients can achieve greater levels of system performance and availability.
Now, their clients are impressed. “Lockedheart Technologies has been a lifesaver for our agency. They have helped us to consolidate and mediate a majority of our technology issues, including email, security and communication platforms. Lockedheart has taken care of all our technological needs from the start. They’ve included phone services, which have lowered our previous costs by almost 50 percent. We are confident that our technologies, as well as our hardware and software requirements, are securely handled. It’s a sigh of relief. Thank you, Lockedheart for providing A++ service for all our technology needs.” – Independent Insurance Agency Owner