Queen’s College Lives and Breathes Cambium Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is the backbone of many students’ educational experiences, especially now that digital and remote learning are a necessity. The same goes for the students at Queen’s College, based in Melbourne, Australia. Queen’s College is a tertiary residential college affiliated with the University of Melbourne that provides accommodation, pastoral care and academic support to students pursuing higher education. Open since 1887, the academic institution needed a new Wi-Fi solution that was minimally invasive yet capable of meeting the requirements of the students.

“Given the COVID situation, students have had to conduct exams online. I am pleased to advise that the Cambium Xirrus Wi-Fi works flawlessly.” - Anthony Welsh, Chief Operating Officer, Queen's College


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FOR MORE THAN 130 YEARS, Queen’s College has had a reputation of reliability. To maintain that same level of dependability and integrate with eduroam, an authentication service allowing users to access secure networks when visiting
other academic institutions, Queen’s College needed a stable and secure Wi-Fi network. As a heritage-listed site, modifications to the school also needed to be minimal.

While their previous solution included sporadically placed Wi-Fi access points (AP) in select areas, Queen’s College needed a solution that would ensure coverage in each resident’s room as well as common areas. In addition to the academic aspect, residents needed the ability to use social media, video streaming applications and video game network applications. On top of these requirements, 340 students and 40 staff members needed access to the network.

CYMAX PTY LTD, a Managed IT Services and Cloud Services Provider recommended that Queen’s College deploy Cambium Networks’ Xirrus Wi-Fi APs. As Queen’s College’s IT partner (ultimately for supporting the deployment), it was important that Cymax had confidence in the new Wi-Fi solution.

To ensure Wi-Fi reliability, the Cymax team repaired any Ethernet cabling as part of the Wi-Fi deployment. As part of the project, Cymax upgraded all switching solutions. Cymax installed the Wi-Fi network over the Academic Christmas break, and the network was operational upon the students return.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS are now supported by Cambium Wi-Fi equipment. The Cambium Wi-Fi network supports online lectures, Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. In addition to academic applications, the
network supports all social media, popular video streaming applications and video game network applications. Staff at Queen’s College can use analytics within XCS, a wireless cloud platform, to identify high users and ensure that their apps are within an acceptable usage range. The Queen’s College staff found an increase in Wi-Fi coverage across campus and discovered that the Wi-Fi is highly reliable during peak periods. Throughout the COVID-19 situation, students have completed exams online without any issues. Students live and breathe Wi-Fi. Queen’s College is abundantly aware of the importance of offering this service to their students, staff and guests. That’s why Queen’s College, at the advice of Cymax, chose to work with Cambium Networks’ campus connectivity solutions that just work.