Gigabit mesh, stream anywhere

Eliminate poor coverage for small homes, long homes, tall homes – offer whole-home Wi-Fi in any home.​

A single access point easily covers up to a 3,000-square-foot home.

A great subscriber experience leads to lower support calls and new revenue opportunities. Empower your technicians and customers with self-service Wi-Fi tools that deliver the experience your customers desire.

How the Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System Changes Residential Broadband Business

  • Reduce customer trouble calls
  • Reduce field dispatches
  • Reduce time per field dispatch

up to >5,000 sqft (465 sqm)
3+ RV22 mesh nodes

up to > 3,000 sqft (280 sqm)
2+ RV22 mesh nodes

up to >3,000 sqft (280 sqm)
1 RV22 mesh node

Create Family Time at the touch of a button

Subscriber Application Experience

  • Self-service with intuitive cnMaestro Subscriber Application
  • Set access and content rules, create family time and optimize the in-home Wi-Fi

Service Provider Dashboard Experience

  • Provision access via the cloud
  • Operation insights to optimize performance
  • Simplify service provisioning and reduce mean time to repair using cnMaestro cloud workflows, remote diagnostics, remote provisioning and operational insights.

RV22 Home Mesh Router

The RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router has a highly efficient antenna to provide better whole-home coverage and higher throughputs at range. It provides faster mesh connections and better connectivity to small IoT devices that are working their way into homes. Great Wi-Fi signal strength and low noise create a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for each subscriber client device. With great signal performance, homeowners can easily support multiple HD video streams AND web browsing AND security cameras on the same system.

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, ax
  • 5 GHz (3×3:2), 2.4 GHz (2×2:2)
  • 4 x GbE RJ45 interface
  • 12VDC, 2.5mm CP, P/S
  • Available in Single and Dual pack units​

Each RV22 ships with an included Ethernet cable and power supply.

Subscriber Application

Empower your subscriber to be part of their own whole-home network and have fun doing it. Curated data is displayed on the dashboard in an easy manner while useful tools are obvious and intuitive.

  • Android or iOS
  • Service Provider branded
  • Self-service at your fingertip
    • Family Time
    • Web Content Filter
    • Speed Test
    • Optimize Wi-Fi
    • Guest Wi-Fi

RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router