Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Connects Thousands of Onsite Devices With Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

"The connection was simply there, and no one was stranded without service. Going from a position of no reliable Wi-Fi signal to a solid connection was all that we needed to improve the quality of daily business." SCOTT STEPHENS, OWNER AND OPERATOR, HALLETT MOTOR RACING TRACK


The Hallett Motor Racing Circuit based in Jennings, Oklahoma needed to match the speed and performance experienced on their racetrack to their Wi-Fi network. Hallett went to RFIP to design and build a network that would support connectivity for large and small events. The network supports the Hallett Race Shop, which is used to build and maintain cars, and the Hallett Race School is connected to educate drivers.

Organized by Portland Track, a non-profit organization, the event was also an opportunity to collect donations going toward rebuilding the surrounding community after the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire. Elevate Technology Group had the expertise necessary to build a groundup broadband infrastructure to support hundreds of attendees, athletes and staff while also providing broadband for a livestream of the event.

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Time for an Upgrade

Hallett’s previous network was comprised of a few consumer-grade Wi-Fi access points (AP) that provided sporadic connectivity for employees. The coverage reached near a few of the racetrack’s buildings. An older point-to-multipoint system which provided connectivity to the fuel pumps had long since failed due to installation issues.

Cellular coverage was also an issue; it was sporadic or nonexistent throughout the racetrack grounds depending on the carrier. On weekends, the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit sees thousands of fans, racers and campers. Racers and employees needed connectivity to support Wi-Fi calls, racing software and telemetry updates. Without mobile data connectivity, it was difficult for corner workers, maintenance crew and track safety personnel to stay connected. Guests needed coverage to access social media updates from Hallett and to stream video. Needless to say, it was time for an upgrade.

Pervasive Wireless Connectivity

The Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is using multiple Cambium Networks Wi-Fi solutions: 2 cnPilot™ e600 Wi-Fi APs, 10 cnPilot e500 Wi-Fi APs and 4 cnPilot e410 Wi-Fi APs. They are also using 4 Cambium Networks ePMP Force 180 as an AP which delivers more than 200 Mbps of real user throughput. Two connections on top of their customer building and office/training building supply the connection across the racetrack. These connections also provide signal to the building below it on three different floors, each of which use their own Wi-Fi AP.

RFIP, whose engineers were in charge of network infrastructure design and installation, completed initial network setup in just under one month. Toward the beginning of the network’s implementation, RFIP visited Hallett every few weeks for maintenance and system optimization. RFIP maintains the network for Hallett while Hallett gets full visibility into their network via cnMaestro™, Cambium Networks’ end-to-end network management tool.

Solid Wi-Fi Connections

Depending on the day and popularity of an event, the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit can have thousands of Wi-Fi devices onsite and over 100 simultaneous Wi-Fi users. Track and autoshop workers use Microsoft and office applications, social media and video streaming applications on a daily basis

The current Wi-Fi connectivity does the simple job of providing a solid connection for all those on the grounds – it just works.