Connectivity Solutions for Campgrounds and Holiday Parks

Superior Guest Experiences Tourists demand high levels of connectivity and prefer venues that offer a reliable Wi-Fi service. Campsite guests with multiple devices want to stream videos, upload photos or work from their laptops while on vacation. Campsite and caravan park operators feel the need to provide better connectivity to meet seasonal demand while also minding their budget.


Outdoor accommodation facilities, campgrounds and holiday parks are often located in remote areas where mobile network coverage is poor. If mobile networks are out of reach, then a high-performance wireless network is the only way to satisfy the connectivity requirements of your guests.

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If you prefer to focus on the core business, you can outsource network planning and management to one of our qualified managed service providers (MSP) such as Wifinity or Safety NetAccess.

Venues are seeking:
• High-performance Wi-Fi service for guests and staff
• Seamless roaming across the entire property
• Simple onboarding of guest devices
• Secure networks for guests and staff
• Economical and flexible pricing that fits every budget
• Monetization of Wi-Fi services

Efficient and Affordable Connectivity
Keep your focus on the guests, not the IT infrastructure. Cambium Networks delivers reliable wireless connectivity solutions to more than 2,000 hotel organizations. Venues must rapidly modernize connectivity without disrupting the environment, quickly deploy connectivity for temporary events and deliver exceptional guest experiences at a low total cost of ownership.

Provide High-Quality Connectivity Experiences for Guests at Any Location
• Complete coverage – from in-room coverage to outdoor spaces to high-density meeting areas
• Secure, reliable high-speed throughput
• One unified network that delivers many outcomes – pervasive coverage, seamless roaming across the property, performance headroom to support streaming video, video surveillance and IoT use cases while minimizing downtime
• Proven economics – industry-leading low TCO, reduced CAPEX, reduced labor, increased operational efficiency with fewer IT resources
• Fast and Efficient Installation – Outdoor fixed wireless deployed sitewide in a matter of days without the cost or mess of trenching and cabling