5-Star Hotel Offers Quality Services and Exceptional Connectivity Over Water


The primary drive for enhancing the network at Sorgun Voyage Hotel stems from the growing customer demands and the expansion of the property. When strategizing the Wi-Fi network upgrade, the partner had to opt for a vendor recognized for their expertise in extensive outdoor deployments.

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The installation had to be completed before the reopening following room upgrades. Thanks to the collaboration with Manavgat Atak Bilisim Ltd, a local system integrator, and Winncom Technologies, Cambium Networks’ local distributor, the new network for Sorgun Voyage Hotel was established in just a few weeks.

The project involved the deployment of 42 access points throughout the hotel, covering rooms, bungalows, common spaces, restaurant, café, and the pool, with a particular emphasis on the extensive garden seaside areas and the 50-meter pier. The outdoor APs are capable of providing coverage to the entire length of the large area, including the pier, by using a single XV2-2T1 access point installed approximately 10 meters inland from the beginning of the pier. During testing, it was specifically evaluated the performance at the pier’s far end making sure to achieved excellent and stable results.

The beach is about 200 meters wide, and multiple outdoor access points were installed in the garden behind the beach to accommodate the connectivity needs of over 1000 people during peak times. Sorgun Voyage Hotel is renowned for providing guests with a one-of-a-kind holiday experience through its modern architecture and top-notch services. Consequently, it was of utmost importance to provide outstanding connectivity to further enhance customer satisfaction.

The integration of Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi access points, managed remotely through a single pane of glass, ensures the new network provides optimal bandwidth for seamless browsing and streaming experiences. Moreover, the network is robust, reliable, and secure for payment
transactions, shopping, reservations, check-out, and more. Indoor Wi-Fi: 35 x XV2-22H indoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point in the guest rooms.

Outdoor Wi-Fi: 7 x XV2-2T outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access point on the wide outdoor areas to provide seamless and stable coverage.
Network Management: cnMaestro™ cloud-based software platform for secure, end-to-end network control

Due to the effective integration of the improved wireless network infrastructure, visitors to Sorgun Voyage Hotel now experience stable Wi-Fi access in the garden, beachfront, and on the pier, elevating their overall stay. Following the network enhancement, there has been a notable absence of guest concerns regarding Wi-Fi connectivity, contributing to favorable business results.