SkyNet de Colombia Creates Wi-Fi Zones for Telemedicine Initiatives in Amazonas Region Using Cambium Equipment


The region surrounding Leticia, the capital of the Amazonas in Colombia, has around 40,000 inhabitants, 80% of whom are indigenous people. Like most of the world, Leticia was afflicted with the COVID-19 pandemic. The community in Leticia needed scientific research and medical support from other health institutions surrounding the Amazonas region via Wi-Fi access.

"Thanks to Cambium Networks’ e410 and e500 Wi-Fi APs, we were able to quickly and efficiently reach remote areas that previously lacked internet service. With these solutions in place, healthcare professionals can increase the number of patients they see via telemedicine and slow the spread of COVID-19.” - LINA SAAVEDRA, COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR, SKYNET DE COLOMBIA