Free Wi-Fi in the ATV Senior Residence Pellenz


Senior residences focus on offering their residents as pleasant a life as possible through comfortable furnishings, professional care and a varied leisure program. In this regard, digitization has recently also become increasingly important. That’s why ATV Senior Residence Pellenz has expanded its IT infrastructure and can now offer free WLAN to its residents.

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More and more seniors have smartphones, tablets or laptops. For video conferencing with family members or the use of online services, a reliable WLAN connection is absolutely essential. The network in the Pellenz senior residence had to be high-performance network and able to support video apps such as Skype or Facetime without interruption. Additionally, security and data protection were or particular importance for the customer. The sensitive personal healthcare data of the residents needed to be protected and at the same time accessible at all times for the caregivers.

ATV Senior Residence Pellenz chose Cambium Networks for their new facility, primarily because of the solution’s high bandwidth. Cambium Networks partner intelliVision1 installed Cambium switches with and without Power over Ethernet (PoE), Cambium access points, and a Fortigate firewall. Access Points were also installed in the hallways to ensure an optimal coverage.

Residents can now make use of modern infotainment systems and take advantage of high-quality telemedicine solutions. The new wireless networks ensure the residents an excellent quality of life and care. New residents in particular will find it easier to settle into their new environment. Whereas staff previously had to record everything in writing and then add it to the IT system manually, they can now document everything in real-time online and save it in a digital format.