Multi-Dwelling Unit Deployment Guide


Multi-dwelling units (MDUs) include apartments, condominiums, assisted living facilities , dormitories, hotels/motels, multi-floor buildings, and any other environment where multiple separate housing or residential units are contained within one building or multiple buildings within a complex of buildings.

High-performing Wi-Fi with easy access is expected by the residents and must be provided as an amenity for complexes to compete. MDUs vary in type and size, and there are some variations in best practices between the different MDU types, but the basic design remains the same.

Managed Wi-Fi is a big win for residents as they do not have to deal with service providers. A cleaner spectrum is another benefit as the management will not have to design a Wi-Fi network around every resident’s Wi-Fi router, which will choose radio channels and power settings at random and cause havoc to the house Wi-Fi.

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